Witchcraft - An Informative Dark Arts Activity Zine

Witchcraft - An Informative Dark Arts Activity Zine


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Poor witches, all they want is to frolic in the woods, casting spells, worshipping the devil, sacrificing virgins and other such fun. Unfortunately the patriarchy put a stop to that one. Anyway I've collected some witchy info and activity in this extra special spooky zine for your enjoyment!

Each booklet contains 20 140x200mm, saddle stitched (stapled) pages printed on premium 120gsm paper stock (paper stock may vary slightly from images).

This artwork is copyright © Christopher Goggs and can't be reproduced without permission. Sale of this artwork does not transfer copyright to the buyer.

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Enjoyed reading this zine, i will be buying from here again

I love Chris's zines so much and this did not disappoint. Absolutely delightful.